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Pixl Preview, An App For Real Time Mobile Design Previews
August 12, 2014

Recently, While designing a application design for android, i came across Pixl Preview. Which is a tool that provides realtime mobile design previews. As their website says

A more efficient way to iterate over your app designs. Get an accurate look and feel of your designs the moment you're making them, and instantly get an on-device image of all your iterations, tweaks and variations. You are creating your design in photoshop & the preview will be availabe in real time on your android device. It is very easy to setup

  • Both the devices need to be in the same network.
  • Enable remote connections in the photoshop by going to Edit-> Remote Connections & Enter service name & password & check enable remote connections.


  • Now install Pixl Preview app from the play store.
  • Now open the app on your device, click + button at the bottom of app & enter Name, IP Address, Password as you entered in the photoshop remote connections.
  • That's it. Here is the preview, how the app functions