Mobile Development

Baljeet Singh

1 minute read

In this tutorial, i will be explaining how to fetch data from the mysql database via angularjs via GET ajax call. I will be using angularjs $http service to get data from the mysql database with php. Note: create a mysql database, with students table having two fields Name(varchar), Roll(int). Also insert some values. Copy the following contents to their respective file & you are done.

Baljeet Singh

2 minute read

After searching through many articles for how to send  AngularJS POST data to PHP, the solutions i found were not up to the point. So, i decided to create a simple login form that will POST data to PHP & in the PHP file we can check the posted data against the values in our mysql database or whatever database, but i am checking the requested data against the static values & then the PHP script return the response back to the client side. There are 3 files namely index.html, app.js,…