Web Development

Baljeet Singh

3 minute read

Applications built with Angular are not Search Engine friendly by default. If you view the source of the Angular application you won’t find any content there. So, our application pages won’t appear in the search engine results. It may or may not be the behaviour you want. So, If you don’t want the search engines to crawl through your content, you’re good to go already. But, If there’s a requirement like you have created a blog in Angular then you might want to make…

Baljeet Singh

13 minute read


In this tutorial we will be creating an app with ionic framework (a brilliant mobile app development framework by drifyco). We will be using the api that i have created in my previous blog post to get data from the server which is created in Laravel5. In this blog post i will be covering many topics like setting up ionic, setting up sass, auth, crud, ionic pull to refresh, ionic infinite scroll etc.